The Enchanted Way

Enchanted Entrance via the Barbican Gate

Visitors will enter via the sparkling and twinkling Barbican Gate located in the heart of Antrim Town Centre. Let the enchantment experience begin as you pass through into a world of magic and wonder as the Enchanted Winter Garden enfolds in front of you.

A Sea of Lights

Set against the beautiful Castle Gardens, thousands of sparkling bulbs and twinkling fairy lights will wash the trees and turrets in a sea of festive colour.

From the Barbican Gate right through to Clotworthy Courtyard and the Parterre, lights will dance sparkle and glow, giving everything an enchanting glow like you’ve never seen before.

Street Theatre

Remember to stop and say hello to our festive friends who will be out exploring the garden. Keep an eye out as they spread Christmas cheer, and sometimes a little mischief!

Wonderland Wood

Come and be enchanted by Wonderland Wood but only if you have been tremendously good……..

Take a stroll to the Sugar Drop Stop and wander through Lollipop Lane. Wonderland Wood is a magical place along the riverside where fairies, elves and Christmas pixies have sprinkled their fairy dust and made the woods their magical Christmas home.

Countdown to Enchantment