Tokens: £1.00

Lighting Installation

This year’s event has been expanded with even more of the stunning Castle Gardens set to dazzle and delight as lighting installations transform the beautiful natural and built surroundings. Thousands of sparkling bulbs and twinkling fairy lights wash the trees and turrets in colour and bring enchantment into our winter garden.

From the Barbican Gate, Motte, Italian Tower through to Clotworthy Courtyard and the Parterre, lights will sparkle, dance and delight giving everything a festive glow like you’ve never seen before. 

The Big Wheel

Once again the biggest and brightest star of the Enchanted Winter Garden is The Big Wheel. A 35m high festive Ferris Wheel, which will take you beyond the tree tops to star gaze at the enchanted gardens below, Antrim Town and beyond. It will guarantee a memorable trip into the night sky where you will be surrounded by twinkling lights and have Christmas wishes come true.

PRICE: 3 tokens or a family pass for 10 tokens
(family pass is 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children)

Street Theatre

Keep a look out for our festive friends who will be out exploring the garden, adding to the enchantment this year. Thanks to their amazing antics and tricks galore, they will be spreading Christmas cheer all the way. Gully the Elf, Fizz the Fairy, The Bouncy Elves and Okey Dokey and their Rickety Rickshaw with their unique style of entertainement . 

Remember to stop and say hello!

Wave Swinger

Vintage Wave Swinger thrill-seekers will love the 8m high Wave Swinger. Fly high in the night sky and swoop those who dare round and round in what is a thrilling ride and another Enchanted Garden ‘must do’!

PRICE: 3 tokens

Sparkling Swings 

The sparkling swings twinkle and glitter in the Gardens each year and spin the little ones around whilst the lights dance and sparkle to the sounds of happy giggles.

PRICE: 2 tokens (child only)

Sparkling Saucers

Like the Sparkling Swings as pretty as can be the spinning saucers will twinkle and delight the younger visitors in equal measure as they spin around in the gentlest way.

PRICE: 2 tokens (child only)

Wonderland Wood

Come and be enchanted by Wonderland Wood but only if you have been frightfully good……..

Wonderland Wood is back and expanded from last year to include even more of our beautiful wood. No trip to Enchanted Winter Garden would be complete without a dander through our Wonderland Wood where we invite you to take a stroll to the Sugar Drop Stop and wander through Lollipop Lane. 

Wonderland Wood is a magical place along the riverside where fairies, elves and Christmas pixies have sprinkled their fairy dust and made the woods their magical fantastical Christmas home.

mallow pit
Mallow Pit

The Mallow Pit was introduced for the first time in 2016 and was a huge hit with young and old alike. We even had a bridal party drop by to “toast” their special day.

A must do for everyone at Enchanted Winter Garden with the sizzling coals there to melt the scrumptious Mallow and make a delicious mouth-watering treat.  A really memorable experience not to be missed! 

Festive Fayre

The Festive Fayre is a feast of tasty treats to complete the Enchanted Winter Garden experience where scrumptious food and drink offers are available. There will be lots of yummy yuletide and festive food available in our Festive Fayre market where seasonal smells will make al fresco festive dining under the stars an essential ingredient in your
enchanted evening.

Enchanted Entrance via the Barbican Gate

For this year’s event there will be no entrance through the main Castle Gardens gates. Instead Enchantment awaits beyond the entrance of the sparkling and twinkling Barbican Gate right in the heart of Antrim Town Centre.

Let the enchantment experience begin as you pass through the Barbican Gate into a world of magic and wonder as the winter garden enfolds in front of you. 

Attractions may be subject to change